OHM Loyalty Card

OHM and Beads Fanatic wants to reward you for being our loyal fan! By participating in OHM Loyalty Card Program for every 5 Ohm Beads that you purchase, you receive the 6th bead for FREE! Beads Fanatic is Authorized Online Retailer. The Beads Fanatic OHM Loyalty Card is valid only for buying OHM beads at Beads Fanatic.

It’s easy, here’s how to participate:

1. If you are not registered yet, register to www.beadsfanatic.com, filling all relevant fields, i.e. complete name, direction of delivery, email.

2. When buying OHM beads, add an Ohm Loyalty Card  to your cart. 

3. Each time you buy an OHM bead, you are nearer to fill the requirements for the free beads. You have a full year since your first bead to fill the card. 

4. On buying the fifth OHM bead you can choose another OHM bead priced €34!

5. DON'T put the free bead in the cart. Instead tell us in the cart comments or send us a mail at info@beadsfanatic.com

6. Your freee bead and will be sent to you togheter with your fifth bead. No single bead shipping, sorry.

7. Do not forget that we ship free in all EU and you can buy VAT free from outside EU!